Florida Association of Professional Process Servers
Bob Musser

2018 Distinguished Service Award

Andrew Estin

When we wrote the criteria for awarding the FAPPS Distinguished Service Award, we focused on the concept that a primary reason for a person to receive it would be a long period of sustained achievements for FAPPS or for private process servers. In the five awards made since 2012, we have never deviated from that focus. This year will be no different.

For 2018, the FDSA committee evaluated quite a few deeply deserving candidates. After a great deal of in depth debate, we coalesced on a recipient who is unique compared to all previous candidates.

It will be hard to have the traditional build up during this presentation where you wonder if it’s this person or that person based on the initial historical information. Our 2018 recipient has simply done so much for private process servers, for so long, that the secret will be out pretty quickly.

Our recipient didn’t start his working career as a private process server. He started by enlisting in the United States Marines, including 13 months in Viet Nam. After four years, he finished at the rank of Sergeant.

He joined the rank of private process servers in 1969. He joined CAPPS and became a leader quickly, and became the fifth President of CAPPS in 1973. His CAPPS service is legendary, he has served on their board for decades, and was the third recipient of the CAPPS Bert Rosenthal Memorial Award, in 1980.

In October 1982, our recipient was one of two principals who led a coalition of 42 individuals who assembled in Las Vegas and formed NAPPS in response to the threat of a Federal mailing bill. He was elected to be the first President of NAPPS, in 1982. He has also served as the NAPPS Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, Director and has a seemingly lifetime appointment as the Parliamentarian. He was the third recipient of the NAPPS Donald C. Mac MacDonald award in 2004.

He has authored countless articles for NAPPS and CALSPRO on issues relating to process serving. You can always count on him to provide an important historical perspective on virtually any legislative matter.

For the 2018 FAPPS Distinguished Service Award, I give you a man that I have known for 25 years, a man who was instrumental in forming my understanding of what service to others means.

I give you Andy Estin.

From the Award itself:

A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. Leaders, like eagles, don’t flock. You find them one at a time.

2018 FDSA
For your many years of service to private process servers, for your countless contributions that benefited so many members.

For the Committee,
Bob Musser, Chair, FAPPS Distinguished Service Award Committee