Florida Association of Professional Process Servers


Accredited FAPPS Process Server (AFPS)

The Florida Association of Professional Process Servers encourages everyone related to the process service industry to seek education and training in the field of process serving. To that end, the FAPPS Formal Education Program is sponsoring seminars regarding how to serve legal process in the State of Florida which shall hereafter be referred to as the AFPS Formal Education Course. Those attending and meeting the requirements of these seminars will be eligible to be designated by FAPPS as an Accredited FAPPS Process Server and, while a member in good standing in FAPPS, will be eligible to use the AFPS designation.

FAPPS has established a registry of Accredited FAPPS Process Servers (AFPS) for use by anyone in need of a process server who has chosen to go above and beyond what is required and has taken and passed a course specifically created or chosen by this association to better educate those in our profession.

The AFPS Formal Education Course covers such topics as:

  • Florida Statutes
  • Florida Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Federal Statutes
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Proper vs. improper affidavits/returns
  • Statutory time limits
  • Reasonable diligence
  • Subpoenas, writs, etc.

Those passing the exam will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Those individuals who are active FAPPS members will receive a Certificate indicating their AFPS designation.

In addition to educational accreditation for FAPPS Members and their clerical staff, we are pleased to announce our course is approved to provide the required training to apply to become a process server or renew your process service license in the following areas:

  • 19th Judicial Circuit – Initial and Renewal Education
  • 9th Judicial Circuit – Initial and Renewal Education
  • 10th Judicial Circuit – Initial and Renewal Education
  • 20th Judicial Circuit – Renewal Education

At the completion of the course all attendees will be tested and must pass with a minimum score of 80%.

Additional steps and fees are required to complete your application to become a Private Process Server (refer to each court jurisdiction for license application). Note: A separate license is required to serve process in each jurisdiction. (example – a license in the 19th Judicial Circuit does not permit you to serve any process outside of that area without being licensed in the area where the service is being completed). Contact Diana Wardwell, Administrator or Lance Randall, Education Chair for more details.