Florida Association of Professional Process Servers

FAPPS Distinguished Service Award

In 2012, The Florida Association of Professional Process Servers established a FAPPS Distinguished Service Award Committee. The award committee consists of current and former FAPPS Presidents. Individuals who have dealt with the phone calls, put in the time, been there for the meetings, and had to handle the hard questions. Their experience and knowledge of all facets of the inner workings of FAPPS provides them with the greatest insight in reviewing potential candidates.

During the formative stages of the award, the committee decided that the award was going to be primarily based on a long period of sustained service and achievements for FAPPS. We didn’t rule out the possibility that someone might merit the award at some point in the future for one great year of success, or perhaps even one stellar achievement, but that is not going to be the norm.

It is with great honor FAPPS acknowledges the following recipients of the FAPPS Distinguished Service Award:

Committee Policy