Florida Association of Professional Process Servers

Arbitration and Grievance Policies


Unprofessional or Unethical Conduct


A member is entitled to have the Association resolve - at no charge - a complaint against another member which involves:

      1) Non-payment for services rendered, or
      2) Unethical or unprofessional conduct

* The basic procedure for filing a complaint is outlined on the next page. Please read it. The forms will need to process your complaint are printed on the succeeding pages and my be photocopied and used when submitting a claim.

* The official rules governing the handling of arbitration and grievance matters are contained in the FAPPS by-laws, the full text of which is printed in this book.

* The Arbitration & Grievance Committee cannot act in a dispute between a member and a non-member, or in payment disputes between business partners or between individuals having an employer-employee relationship.

* Members will be required to produce copies of transmittal letters, invoices and other relevant documents to prove their claim.

*  Keep in mind that this grievance procedure is the only effective means the Association has of controlling the quality of work of its members. If you have a legitimate grievance...pursue it.

*  Lastly, under no circumstances should you ignore a complaint filed against you. Even though you may feel the complaint is frivolous or unfounded, you must cooperate with the Arbitration & Grievance Committee in its investigation.  If you refuse to cooperate you can be expelled.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact :

Sean Segel, Chairman
2801 North Florida Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: (813) 251-9197
Fax: (813) 251-8976

Unprofessional or Unethical Conduct