Florida Association of Professional Process Servers

FAPPS Committees

Administration & Membership
Diana Wardwell, administrator@fapps.org
Annual Convention Activities
Chair: Amy Boyd, boydsprostatus@gmail.com
Arbitration & Grievance (A&G)
Chair: Sean Segel, tampaempire@gmail.com
Vice Chair: Jennafer Segel
Members: Janet Deal, Diana Wardwell, Don Seward
Chair: Bob Musser, BobM@dbsinfo.com
Vice Chair: Diana Wardwell, administrator@fapps.org
Members: Lance Randall
FAPPS Distinguished Service Award (FDSA)
Chair: Bob Musser, BobM@dbsinfo.com
Members: Diana Wardwell, Margie Zawacki, Lance Randall
Formal Education (AFPS)
Chair: Michelle Howard, AFPS Michelle@trgtlegal.com
Members: Diana Wardwell AFPS
Chair: Chris Yeoman, chris.yeoman@aol.com
Vice Chair: Diana Wardwell, dwardwell@wcipi.com
Members: Mike Compton, Russ Aloi, Janet Deal, Michelle Howard, Mike Nolan, Lance Randall, Chris Compton, Rick Wendling
Lobbyist: Jose Diaz
Process Server Appointment (PSAC)
Chair: Margie Zawacki, AFPS Margiez@hctjudge.com
Vice Chair: Tammy White, AFPS Tammy@WeServeJustice.com
Members: Joe Osborne Jr., AFPS, Diana Wardwell, AFPS
Promotion & Growth and Member Benefits
Chair: Kevin Fedotov, promotioncommittee@fapps.org, FedotovK@yahoo.com
Vice Chair: Diana Wardwell, administrator@fapps.org
Paralegal Liaison: Tammy White, ParalegalLiaison@fapps.org
Alternate: Kevin Fedotov
Members: Melody Bulso, Chris Compton, Kevin Fedotov, Desy Garcia, Chris Yeoman
Secure Data Exchange & eSOP
Chair: Bob Musser, BobM@dbsinfo.com
Chair: Desy Garcia, DesyGarcia22@gmail.com
Violence Against Process Servers (VAPS)
Chair: Michelle Howard, Michelle@trgtlegal.com
Vice Chair: Chris Yeoman, chris.yeoman@aol.com
Members: Bonnie Moore, Becky Gaston, Lance Randall, Frank Carreras, Tammy White
Chair: Diana Wardwell, administrator@fapps.org
Webmaster: Bob Musser
Member: Chris Tilley