Florida Association of Professional Process Servers

President's Message

The Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS) is an organization of professionals who are authorized under the laws of Florida to Serve Process. The term “Serve” which translates to deliver “Process” which is any type of formal court document addressed to a particular named person or entity directing them to perform or refrain from doing a certain action.

Process Servers are non-interested persons charged with the responsibility of ensuring each person named is notified as part of their Due Process rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. There is a stigma that a Process Server is the enemy and one feels they should do whatever they can to avoid contact with a Process Server. In reality, there are other methods available that allow court proceedings to continue without actual service taking place. It is the Process Server who makes a diligent effort to go above and beyond to make every attempt to deliver the notice to a party of the action so said party may be well informed of the proceedings and respond accordingly. The old adage of “What they don’t know, won’t hurt them” does not apply in this concept because you cannot defend against what you are not aware of that may be happening behind your back.

Our membership is held to a higher standard. In addition to the regular training required to become authorized to serve process, FAPPS has its own education program which consists of a course with a written closed book test of our Professional Process Server’s knowledge and upon successful completion are endorsed with the title of Accredited FAPPS Process Server (AFPS). In addition to the AFPS course, our members must also adhere to our Code of Ethics and Arbitration & Grievance policies. If you are seeking a Reliable Professional Process Server, look no further. Use our Member Search feature to locate a qualified professional in the geographical location you desire.

If you are not a member and you meet the criteria, I encourage you to complete and submit a Membership Application to begin the enrollment process. There are many benefits to being a member including a listing on our website, and in our annual printed directory, subscription to our quarterly news letters, monthly updates on events and information about our profession, four board meetings a year which include our mid-year professional beach getaway and our annual convention which are a great place to face-to-face network with other professionals. If that were not enough, your membership provides us with the necessary funds to monitor and promote legislation which can improve and preserve our right to serve process throughout the State of Florida.

Please feel free to contact myself or any of our qualified Board members with any questions you may have. You can find all of our information on our Contact Page.

Respectfully Yours,

Bob Musser, President